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* SSD CARD UPGRADE: MacBook Pro...
* SSD CARD UPGRADE: MacBook Pro...

* SSD CARD UPGRADE: MacBook Pro 13/15" Retina A1502/A1398, 2013-2015

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€ 218,97

SSD CARD UPGRADE: MacBook Pro 13" A1502 / 15" A1398, 2013 t/m 2015. Inclusief installatie, macOS laatste versie en volledige gegevensoverdracht.


Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch A1502 / 15 inch A1398, ssd storage card upgrade. Includes:

- New Samsung SSD drive, with up to 2Tb of capacity and over 1500Mb/s of write/read speed.

- 5 years warranty for the SSD drive.

- Installation of the new components.

- Internal cleaning of the MacBook, heatsink and ventilation fan, with compressed air.

- MacOS operating system installation on the new drive, latest version or any version that you want.

- Transfer of all your system files and folders. You will find the computer exactly as it was before in terms of software, just with a larger data storage capacity and with updated macOS. No extra cost!!

Mac model code
A1502, A1398
Product Type
SSD/RAM Upgrade
Scherm grootte
13 Inch, 15 Inch.
Tijd nodig
3/24 hours
5 Jaar
2013 t/m 2015.
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